Friday, September 5, 2008

Hoppin' on the Blog-Train...

Well... I guess I decided to hop on the Blog Train. Yep. I did it. Finally. Let's hope I can find something interesting and exciting to talk about here! :)

Let's talk about Gustav. My family is just starting to get back to normal. We finally got our electricity restored a couple of days ago. You don't realize how much you need electricity, until you have none. For starters, no air conditioning. Yuck. For anyone living in the South, you know what I'm talking about. We NEED AIR CONDITIONING! lol No if's, and's, or but's about it. It's not a luxury. In the South, it's a necessity. And when you don't have it, you're miserable. Believe me.

No electricity means this.... No cool air. No hot showers (if you have an electric water tank), cold showers only. And the water feels soooo cold on your skin, you have to wet your body from the feet up to your head, because if you start head first, it's so cold, your heart feels like it stops beating for a minute (no joke!). No microwave. No television. No internet. No cordless phone (regular old phones work just fine). No blowdryer or any other hair appliance (you betta throw that hair up in a ponytail, girl!). And when night falls, it's dark. Real dark. If you don't have a generator to use for simple things to get by, then you're basically screwed. Makes you wonder.... How the hell did they do this in the old days, with no electricity? I tell ya, those folks must have been tough. And maybe it's because we are so spoiled in today's society. We take for granted the small things. So count your blessings, and be thankful (I know I am) because life could be so much worse.

And for those who are wondering how we did in Gustav... we came out with no damage at all. None. We are so lucky. Alot of other people had their homes destroyed, vehicles destroyed... and lives were lost due to the destruction of Hurricane Gustav. Things could have been so much worse for us. For those who were affected by Gustav, my prayers and good vibes go out to you folks. You won't be far from my mind, or my heart. God Bless!!


Crazy Eight Hotel said...


I am so glad you & your family are okay after Gustav!! I've been terribly worried all week! I even tried to call on Tuesday, but no electricty = no phones. Thankful you are okay and your power is back. No air conditioning living in the Gulf Coast is MISERABLE!!
Hang in there!!
Stacy (PrincessDayStar) :)

Lisa said...

Yay, you've got a blog!

I'm glad y'all made it through Gustav OK. My family got pretty hard hit, but they're OK, it's just stuff that got torn up. You don't really realize how much you rely on that electricity until it's knocked out for a few days!

Lisa (of Bright Blessings!)

Pam said...

Hey CBE, welcome to the Blog Train, I've jumped on board as well, make sure to check me out!!!!
I am so glad your family made it safely through Hurricane Gustav, but I feel you on the air conditioning a day without it in GA is pure HELL!!! Take Care!


Jadewicks said...

So happy to hear you and yours are doing okay with all that hurricane action in your area. AND happy to know you have a blog! I'll be adding yours on my frequently read list so I don't lose it. ;)

Take care sweetie!