Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scrub Heaven

It's been ages since I last updated the blog. Things have been a little hectic on my end, with the holidays coming up. We have been busy little bees here at Creative Body Essentials!
Today, I am dedicating this blog post to our two newest scrubs. Yes, I admit, I am a scrub addict. I adore scrubs. It's a weakness of mine. Just the thought of a creamy, luscious scrub against the feel of my skin makes me giddy.

We are known for our scrubs... they are becoming quite popular! Our scrubs are thick and creamy, made with skin loving oils like sweet almond, safflower, and cottonseed, and high quality butters like shea, cocoa, and mango. Our scrubs are formulated to exfoliate your skin, while leaving behind a tad bit of moisture. Our scrubs are never greasy or "waxy" feeling. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin (with winter time here, alot of us suffer with dry skin), then what you need is a body scrub. A body scrub exfoliates the top layer of the skin, helping to shed those dead skin cells that make our skin look... well.... not so great. Pure Cane and Turbinado Sugars help to scrub away that flaky, dead skin... and talk about invigorating!

So, without further adieu... here's our two newest scrubs (Psst... and we have more on the way too!)

Death by Chocolate Bubbly Scrub
Want wholesome goodness without the calories? This scrub is so luxurious and sinful, you might be tempted to eat it. But please don't! It's food for your skin, not your tummy! Made with pure cocoa and vanilla absolute, with added pure cane and turbinado sugars to exfolilate. We used lovely sweet almond oil and drenching macadamia nut oil in this scrub to give your skin the moisture it needs. And surprise! It also bubbles a tiny bit! So not only does it exfoliate, it also cleanses the skin! The addition of pure cocoa is what gives this scrub a punch! Chocolate is known as a skin softener, fighting free radicals with it's loaded antioxidants it possesses. Chocolate is good for you! Reap the benefits!

Japanese Yuzu Sugared Body Scrub
Yuzu fruit resembles a grapefruit, with tart citrus notes that invigorate your senses. But this is no ordinary citrus fragrance. Oh no. Yuzu is more complex than any grapefruit, orange, or lemon out there. This one is FANTASTIC. Invigorating. Revitalizing. It just gives you a whole sense of renewal when you sniff this. In Japan, it is custom to take a yuzu bath on the Winter Solstice, with slices of the fruit floating on top of the water, and in some cases, even the whole fruit floating on top of the water! It is tradition to also sip a cup of warm sake while experiencing this bath. Both are said to warm the body during those cold, winter nights. We'll supply the yuzu for you... you supply the sake!
This scrub is made with safflower, cottonseed, and apricot kernel oils, along with skin loving butters to moisturize. We added apricot kernel powder for an extra scrub punch along with exfoliating pure cane and turbinado sugars. We are sure you'll love this scrub... because it's one of our favorites. We can't get enough of it. Seriously.

So come on... what'ya waitin' on? Come stop by the site and take a look at these scrubs. We have a few others to choose from too if chocolate and yuzu isn't your thing. (Our Strawberry Shortcake Supreme Scrub is to die for!)

Stay warm!!


Pam said...

Donna, your chocolate scrubs look good enough to eat, I wish my scrubs looked just as creamy!! Great Job!!

Jadewicks said...

Mmmmm! That chocolate one is so yummy! I had to remind myself it's to wash with. haha

I recently fave'd you on ArtFire. Still finding my way around that site. But it's great to see you're keeping busy girlie! Can't wait to see your newest scrubs!