Friday, January 2, 2009

Yummy Goodness!

We have a few new products to brag about for the New Year! The first two products we will talk about are only available in our Etsy Shop . First up is our new Cream Soap!
Whipped to perfection, our Cream Soap will give you a luscious creamy and bubbly lather to pamper your skin! Available in three scents (for now!)... Sexy Lil' Thangs (shown in the photo above), Just Peachy, and Key Lime Pie. Three to-die-for scents! Available in our Etsy Shop only!
Next up is our new Sugar Shock Exfoliating Cubes!
These lovely little cubes are the neatest concept! No jar to clutter up the shower! Each little cube is enough for a full body exfoliating treatment. How to use these little cubes, you ask? Pfft. Easy as pie. After cleansing with your favorite soap (ahem... we have some fabu handmade soap available!), take one of these little cubes and softly massage it against your wet skin... arms, legs, tummy, (don't forget those dry elbows and knees now!) anywhere you need a little dermal glow! By the time you get to the very last part of your scrub adventure, you shouldn't have that much left of the exfoilating cube. Rinse well, then dry off as usual. Our Sugar Shock Exfoilating Cubes are scented in the most mouthwatering fragrance of mango and coconut, with little, yummy, tropical fruity bottom notes that will leave you craving for summer! Comes four to a pack, and are available in our Etsy Shop only!
And last, (but certainly not least!) our Sweet Indulgence Special Edition Perfume is available NOW on our website! These are for those foodie/bakery/dessert scent lovers out there!

These little 1 oz. sprayers pack a punch when it comes to fragrance! We use high quality perfumer's ingredients to create these perfumes, and we know that once you'll sniff it, you'll go bananas over them! Our favorites are Vanilla Buttercreme Frosting (you'll get looks from strangers while wearing this one!) and Lickety Lollipops! We have a big variety of yummy scents to choose from, so we probably have what you're craving. And no doubt, we will be adding to the scent selection when we come across something divine and indulgent.

Until next time bloggers!!


atara said...

You are so creative!!!

Chauna said...

Girl your stuff looks awesome as always. Need that recipe. LOL.