Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've been RAK'ed

Yes... I've been RAK'ed. For those of you who don't know what RAK means... it stands for
Random Act of Kindness. This morning, I came home after grocery shopping to a surprise package on my doorstep. Hmmm..... I thought. I wonder what this could be?
So after luggin' all my groceries in the house, I plopped in a chair and read the return address.... Sister's at Wicks End Candles.... It's from Kay Kay! Kay Kay is a dear friend of mine, who I met on the CT craft forum. I proceeded to rip open the box, and found the cutest little card, with a note from Kay Kay.... "Just wanted to send you a little pick me up..."
I dig further into the box.... and see a beautiful earth-brown coffee mug with daisies on it... full of Bit O' Honey and Mary Jane candies, tied with a bow. Then right next to it... is a whole bag of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.

For the people who do not know me, I am a coffee lover. And Dunkin' Donuts is one of my favorites. And Bit O' Honey and Mary Janes remind me of my childhood... these were my favorite candies when I was younger. How the heck did she know my favorite coffee? My favorite childhood candies? I have no clue! lol But this RAK really touched my heart, and came to me at the perfect time. I have been going through a few rough patches... feeling icky and under the weather, and basically not feeling like DONNA. I went through a few medical procedures, and it just really brought me into some kind of mental funk. So this RAK I received today came at the right time.

I'm one of those people who believe that each person you come in contact with in this life is for a reason. Reasons sometimes unknown... but maybe some of those reasons could be just for a smile, a pat on the back, a hug, or a kind word. A person could turn another person's whole day around with just a kind word, or a kind act.

Kay Kay did that for me today. She turned my whole day around with her kindness. So I want to thank you Kay Kay... for being such a kind and generous soul. You have inspired me to do the same... I will pay it forward, and bring a smile to another person's face.

Now, I'm off to find someone to RAK!!!!


Lisa said...

Donna, that's awesome! Isn't is amazing how just a little something can brighten your day right up? It reaffirms my belief that there are lots of good people in the world. :)

Pam said...

Wow that's an awesome thing for Kay Kay to do for you!! Don't you just love getting gifts especially when you at least expect it???

Jadewicks said...

Been awhile since we've touched base, but I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed that coffee you got! Sounds wonderful. :) Take care! *hugs*

Scented said...

Seeing as there are peeps who blog here ... looks like I will have to awaken mine lol.

You should be RAK'ed every day of the week ;)